Game Type: Aion Classic 
Promotion Duration: June 4 - June 18 

Item Deletion: June 25 

  • [Event] BEST Outfit Fabric 

Have you missed out on shopping for your favorite outfit? Well now is your chance to grab some of the incredible outfits you may have missed in previous promotions! We have compiled the most popular outfits among the most fashionable Daevas into a special BEST Outfit Box. Open the box to select from a variety of fits and fabric and finally flaunt the fit you’ve been waiting for. See the box details below.




Sales Ends 

BEST Outfit Bundle 

BEST Outfit selection Box x 1 

800 Quna 


[Event] BEST Outfit Fabric x 1 


BEST Outfit Selection Box 

Outfit Set 


[A] Vivacious Outing Set 


[B] Casual Date Set 

[C] Only Yesterday Set 

[D] Soothing Rabbit Noble Set 

[E] Summer Sun Uniform Set 

[F] Mystic Academy Set 

[G] Contemporary Dress Set 

[H] Refreshing and Sweet Ice Cream Set 

[Event] BEST Outfit Fabric

You can exchange the [Event] BEST Outfit Fabric for a special outfit set by exchanging them with NPC Fashionista located at Inggison and Gelkmaros. Three pieces of fabric are required for exchange, and one piece of fabric can be exchanged for the BEST Outfit Selection Box. 

  • Requires 3 x [Event] BEST Outfit Fabric 
  • 1 x [Event] BEST Outfit Fabric can be exchanged for a BEST Outfit Selection Box 

Hair Change Ticket + Outfit Set 


[I] Beauty Exemplified Set 

Female Characters Only 

[J] Cute Boyfriend Set 

Male Characters Only 

[K] Attention Grabbing Unique Set 

Female Characters Only 

[L] Pinnacle of Fashion Set 

Male Characters Only 

Office Look Set

Hair Change Ticket + Glasses + Outfit Set 


[M] Snappy Office Look Set 

Female Characters Only 

[N] Neat Office Look Set 

Male Characters Only