Game Type: Aion Classic
Event Duration: April 2 April 16 

Ready, Legions! It's time to play together!  

During the event, the Legion Growth Experience earned from Daily and Weekly missions are doubled! In addition, you can obtain one Legion Essence regardless of the number of rounds when performing the Legion Daily Mission. Get out there and make your Legion the strongest around!  

Event Details  

Benefit 1: When producing Legion Coins, Legion's individual Coins are doubled!  

Benefit 2:
The total production attempts required to obtain rewards will be reduced by half during the event period. 

Apologies for any inconvenience. We will postpone the event #3 (Donation Reward) until further notice and provide a clear description once available. (April 3, 7:00PM PDT)

Benefit 3: The first three characters to donate a certain number of materials to the Legion during the event will receive the corresponding reward. 

# of Winners 

The number of donations 


1 per Legion 


1,000,000 Kinah Bundle 

1 per Legion 


10,000,000 Kinah Bundle 

1 per Legion 


100,000,000 Kinah Bundle 

※ There are three levels of rewards available to claim based on number of donations. Only the player who achieves the donation target first will be given the corresponding reward. You can only claim one of the rewards. Once claimed, you cannot claim another even if you continue to donate.  

The event rewards will be sent via Express Mail to the winners at the event's conclusion. Join us, Legions!