Game Type: Aion Live
Event Duration:
June 4 – June 18 
Item Deletion: June 25 

  • [Event] Apsaranta Cooler 
  • [Event] Red Fruit 
  • [Event] Golden Fruit 

Are you ready to make your own meal kit? Collect fruit from all over Apsaranta and put them in a cooler to make delicious meal kits that provide you with rewards. What meal kit you get depends on the type of fruit you collect. Search far and wide to obtain a rare golden fruit which will create a meal kit containing even greater rewards! See the event details below.


1. Obtain a Cooler

Coolers can be purchased through the NPC Fruit, located at each faction’s base in the Apsaranta region. Grab a cooler to prepare for assembling your meal kit. You can also purchase Coolers from Black Cloud Market (Aion Shop) for free! Available 1 per day per Account. 

The following items must be obtained to Aetherforge the [Event] Simple Meal Kits and [Event] Fancy Meal Kit:

Required Items 


1 [Event] Apsaranta Cooler + 5 [Event] Red Fruit

1 [Event] Simple Meal Kit 

1 [Event] Apsaranta Cooler + 3 [Event] Golden Fruit 

1 [Event] Fancy Meal Kit 


2. Collect Fruit

There are two kinds of fruits used to make meal kits. One is a red fruit; the other is a golden fruit. Red fruit can be acquired from monsters in Apsaranta. If you play together with a party, all party members can obtain fruit. However, special Golden Fruit is a little trickier to acquire. Golden Fruit can be obtained when defeating an Operation Site Veteran Outrider or various Special Operation Officers. It also dropped according to probability when treating guard NPC around the Operation Sites. 

Below is a list of ways to obtain Fruits during the event: 



[Event] Red Fruit 

Hunting any monsters in Apsaranta 

[Event] Golden Fruit 

Defeating Operation Site Guardian NPC 

Defeating Operation Site Raid Combatant 

Defeating Operation Site Veteran Outrider 

or various Special Operation Officers 


3. Prepare Your Meal-Kits

When you assemble via Aetherforging one [Event] Apsaranta Cooler with five [Event] Red Fruit, they produce an [Event] Simple Meal Kit. By using an [Event] Simple Meal Kit, you can obtain one of the items below with set odds. 




 [Event] Incomplete Yornforged Weapon Selection Box 


 [Event] Legendary PvE Enchantment Stone 

 [Event] Berdin's Giant Lucky Star 

 [Event] Giant Abyssal Star 

 [Event] Instance Dungeon Bonus Entry Scroll Bundle 

 [Event] Daevanion Skill Selection Box (10 types) 

 Level 83 Ultimate Equipment Wrapping 

When you assemble via Aetherforging one [Event] Apsaranta Cooler with three [Event] Golden Fruit, they produce an [Event] Fancy Meal Kit. By using an [Event] Fancy Meal Kit, you can obtain one of the items below with set odds. 




 [Event] Paragon Weapon Selection Box 


 Level 83 Ultimate Equipment Wrapping 

[Event] +9 Stigma Selection Box 

 [Event] Prime Runestone Shard Bundle (10 Units) 

 [Event] Essence of the Craftsman Box 

 [Event] Oath Tablet (7 days) 

[Event] Ultimate Fighting Spirit Armor